Basic deviled egg filling is made with egg yolks mayonnaise relish mustard salt and pepper the eggs are often seasoned with spices like hellip.

Storing deviled eggs to make ahead cook eggs and keep whites yolk mixture separate for up to 2 days place the egg white halves on a plate and wrap in plastic wrap keep the yolk mixture in a ziptop bag when ready fill the egg whites with the yolk mixture garnish serve.

In the 19th century the term deviled became popular to describe any spicy or zesty foods since deviled eggs are frequently made with mustard and pepper this term became associated with the filling used to stuff a hard boiled egg cavity featured video 01 of 11 classic deviled eggs recipe.

Deviled eggs are one of the best ways to cook and eat eggs and are always a crowd pleaser for a true throwback look sprinkle your deviled eggs with paprika and top them with a halved green olive for the deviled eggs recipe click here.