This sweet potato sour cream pound cake is a basic pound cake recipe with added freshly mashed sweet potato and an aromatic spice blend that tastes like the first breeze of autumn the moist and tender sour cream enriched crumb is rich and hellip.

Sour cream sour cream is an unconventional ingredient in pound cake but it adds so much moisture we are avoiding dry pound cake as much as we can vanilla extract salt both are used for flavor see recipe notes for more flavors.

When you add sour cream and fat to a cake it will be richer and creamier this adds to the flavor and the texture and it makes the cake delicious how to bake a cake with sour cream although you can add sour cream to any cake recipe you can also make an actual sour cream cake such as this sour cream pound cake from taste of home.

That rsquo s no lie for thanksgiving i made a cream cheese pound cake 7 up pound cake cranberry sauce and o lord the yeast rolls darling you have it going on for christmas i am making another cream cheese pound cake a five flavor pound cake hellip.

Sour cream pound cake batter cinnamon swirl cream cheese frosting for the sour cream pound cake it begins with a standard creaming period of butter room temperature of course and sugar the ingredient that really changes the texture and moistness of this cake is the sour cream i love adding it to cake batters because of the flavor.