1 my unvaccinated coworker may have exposed me to covid today i was informed that my unvaccinated coworker who had covid last year and is convinced that she has the antibodies so doesn rsquo t need to get vaccinated was exposed to covid when her son in law tested positive.

Qa peon december 1 2021 at 12 25 pm yes thank you my 8 year old takes a mask everywhere puts one on as we leave the car or before never complains we caught the darn virus and were in quarantine for 3 weeks he was a contact and tested positive 8 days in sigh and he went back to school hellip and put on his darn mask.

My coworkers daughter may be posting on facebook that her daddy was double jabbed i havent looked and my my antibodies are better than your vaccine coworker may be finding such information g knows where and repeating it or confounding it with some other story or simply inventing it but that doesnt mean that i have to believe them.

Lol have you been reading my posts even ignoring the natural immunity factor if the vaccine is as effective as they say and only 1 of the hospitalizations are in vaccinated individuals that means we have seen a 2 6x increase in the rate of covid in the unvaccinated population.

Coworker suggest racial slur as team name thread starter hunter litsey start date today at 1 she should have grilled her on the choice and after i had passively exposed her ass then i would have put her on notice 8 maaliiin general manager joined oct 21 2018 messages may 31 2014 messages 1 612 reactions 19 244 260 26 alleybux.

The unvaccinated covid survivors have ironclad natural immunity and the pandemic is really behind them thus their presence decreases infection rate among the unvaccinated in the us and uk vaccinators lump covid naive and covid survivors into one ldquo unvaccinated rdquo category because they want to jab covid survivors and i have no interest.

The school district tweaked its covid protocol since the filing of the lawsuit moving from required quarantines for unvaccinated students exposed to covid 19 to quarantine notification.

The percentage of correctional officers found to have covid 19 antibodies 39 2 was the highest observed among all the occupations the percentages of police dispatchers traffic officers security guards and dispatchers found to have covid 19 antibodies 29 8 to 37 3 were among the highest levels observed in all the occupations.

I got my booster last week my arm was a little sore and i had a weird smell in my nose when i exhaled kind of medicinal and kind of chemical and maybe felt a little off but all clear in 3 days what with new variants and the un vaccinated i am afraid that we will have to be dealing with this for a lot longer maybe it is the new normal.

I just want to say that my wife and i were infected with and tested positive for covid 19 back at the end of february since then we have been exposed to several people who later tested positive for the virus we did our due diligence and have been tested 4 times since our original positive test for the virus and have got negative results each.

I keep getting assigned 7 8 hr shift everyday i had to change my availability to one day of availability because otherwise they would have me working every single day f a two day off day they dont care schedules are changed everyday and i cant even plan anything because they expect us to have open availability or be free to work if they call.

To see how covid 19 vaccines are working in the real world israel has provided particularly compelling data the fact that israel is relatively small keeps comprehensive medical records and has a high vaccination rate with a single vaccine pfizer has contributed to its robust data collection now a new israeli study offers some insight into hellip.

She had no symptoms only a few sniffles my coworker had no symptoms and tested negative they both had vaccines the people who died above where in their 30s and 40s one was 52 another family member after she had covid developed blood clots luckily they were found before they did serious damage she was unvaccinated and in her early 30s.

A person may believe that covid 19 is a lsquo hoax rsquo yet still have to meet the conditional requirement that they be vaccinated in the case of covid however most workplaces are exposed to a communicable disease that is a public health issue not one that arises or is amplified by the undertaking so my unvaccinated coworker is at least 5.

32 there are a large number of studies available now that all show lock downs have no effect on covid infections hospitalizations or deaths posted by 18 1 at october 29 2021 12 17 pm esjry nor does social distancing nor do masks nor after a couple of months do vaccines whatever the hypotheses and models may have said the data are pretty clear if quite corrupt there hellip.

The project is on right now and i sometimes turn my tv on to see what shit theyre shovelling for the idiots to gobble up they were just interviewing some government cunt pretty sure he was victorian typical vaccine propaganda its the unvaccinated we need to get to 95 immunity its for the good of the country etc.

My grandkids have not been vaxxed but their mother my dil has i am not going to let fear drive me to the opposite extreme that the vax zealots have gone history is full of the diseased being shunned like lepers pun intended and while we all should take reasonable precautions i will hug my grandkids and all my family members who need it.

You know the reason why this is called covid 19 because there have been covid variations beforehand of which they had been testing vaccines for it rsquo s not any different than flu vaccines.

While the proportions of sars cov 2 variants in the united states have shifted over time cdc may 24 2021c cdc october 18 2021 variant proportions july through october 2021 the primary variant that drove covid 19 transmission in the late winter and spring of hellip.

Somebody shouldnt have trusted the science punked again sokal iii on november 29 steven hayward wrote ever since alan sokal hoaxed social text more than 20 years ago and peter boghossian and his two compatriots punked several postmodern journals with total gibberish just a couple years back youd think academic journal editors and reviewers would be on guard against hellip.

What i don rsquo t get is why i had to squeeze my ob for the qntibody test results they wouldn rsquo t tell me over the phone they wouldn rsquo t tell me until last week i have natural immunity because it went against the narrative most likely i got it from a bunch of ccp tourists and wreaked havoc on 2019 thanksgiving day we arenall immune.

Basically ldquo covid rdquo may actually be ldquo something rdquo but it isn rsquo t ldquo covid rdquo that causes all the deaths it is the ldquo covid treatment protocol rdquo that causes the deaths if your medical treatment isn rsquo t designed to help you recover from an illness you probably won rsquo t recover or if you do it will be ldquo in spite of rdquo your treatment.

For several weeks ldquo fringe rdquo doctors have argued that the spike proteins produced by the covid 19 vaccines may result in numerous deaths this winter season now weeks later the new england journal of medicine is suggesting a similar situation the spike proteins produced by the covid 19 vaccines may lead to myocarditis and neurological.

I deal with patients who have covid everyday in my job and i have never seen anything like this in my whole career 1 3 of our patient population has covid and greater than 90 are non vaccinated we have had more young people being brought in to our morgue recently and the one thing they had in common was a recent diagnosis of covid and.

Glitchwerks disney world would be the last place i would want to visit if i had kids i would go to as many national parks before they are all gone the kids might not appreciate it as much now but they will later ah yes the youll appreciate it when youre older parenting that definitely goes over great and isnt actually a reflection of the selfish boomers who wont let their kids.

May 7 2020 rn my hospitals leadership team is a bigger threat to me than covid 19 trump urges supreme court to overturn aca 7 ceo moves 9 systems with strong finances hellip.