Hosting a big holiday feast can be stressful mdash theres the table settings to think about the endless array of side dishes and of course the thanksgiving turkey but if theres one item on your thanksgiving menu that should be easy to prepare its the thanksgiving appetizers you wont want to deal with making anything complicated or too filling for that matter so hellip.

Get the party started with these pumped up christmas appetizer recipes from classics like pigs in a blanket and sausage balls to our best ever cranberry brie bites theres something for everyone.

Love it or hate it ambrosia among other marshmallow salads is an undeniable classic make a big batch and set it out with serving spoons for a potluck or serve it alongside other sharable appetizers like dip and meatballs if hellip.

Baked ham is a terrific idea for holiday potlucks this one preps in about 15 minutes just brush and bake the flavorful glaze features brown sugar pineapple juice honey orange juice orange zest dijon mustard and ground cloves i made this for a christmas potluck dinner and it was a hit says lottienj the glaze had the right amount.

22 delicious potluck dishes to feed and wow a crowd from dips to sandwiches to desserts these recipes will be crowd favorites by samantha zabell and heather finn.