Since 1933 the aps has awarded small grants to scholars in order to support the cost of research leading to publication in all areas of knowledge in 2020 ndash 2021 the franklin research grants program awarded more than 500 000 to nearly 100 scholars and the society expects to make a similar number of awards in this year rsquo s competition.

According to unisd r un international strategy for disaster reduction in 2015 alone there were 346 reported disasters with 22 773 people dead 98 6 million people affected and us 66 5 billion.

I had my 2nd dos of vaccinations on 26th oct 2021 it was a great choice to protect my self my family and every one else to prevent spreading covid 19 and keep us all safe and healthy reply stuart leslie fraser says.

1 introduction was einstein an epistemological ldquo opportunist rdquo late in 1944 albert einstein received a letter from robert thornton a young african american philosopher of science who had just finished his ph d under herbert feigl at minnesota and was beginning a new job teaching physics at the university of puerto rico mayaguez.

Perhaps the earliest natural science theory of mental illness was galen rsquo s typology in the 2nd century a d of four categories of temperament mdash choleric sanguine melancholic and phlegmatic mdash based on hippocrates rsquo s theory dating to the 5th or 4th century b c that health required a balance among the body rsquo s purported ldquo four humors.