10 baked option for the most impossibly golden and crunchy baked chicken schnitzel toast the breadcrumbs first per the crunchy baked chicken tenders recipe then mix in the parmesan and crumb per this chicken parmigiana recipe including flour and egg dredge spray generously with oil and bake at 200 deg c 390 deg f for 15 minutes.

The spruce revive leftovers by turning them into a totally new dish that the whole family will love this creamy chicken casserole is an inspired way to turn leftover potatoes and rotisserie chicken into a satisfying family meal pan sauteed mushrooms and onions adds tons of savory flavor to this simple bake up that can be topped with optional breadcrumbs or shredded hellip.

Rice sub out the rice for brown rice quinoa or for low carb use riced cauliflower add ins add in black or kidney beans finely chop up zucchini celery mushrooms or sweet potatoes to add to the filling top with chopped tomatoes and green onions sauces you can use your own marinara sauce or pizza sauce to mix with the stuffed pepper.

Stuffed bagel balls my husband is obsessed with bantam bagels so when i started testing out this easy 5 ingredient bagel recipe he asked me to make them into bagel balls and they turned out great i tested them out with wheat and gluten free flour and they both worked although the gluten free version takes longer to bake and doesn rsquo t rise as much as the hellip.

Stuffed chicken marsala is a delicious olive garden copycat dish featuring mozzarella parmesan and sun dried tomatoes smothered in savory marsala mushroom sauce ndash ready in just 45 minutes if you are fan of this stuffed chicken marsala you rsquo ll love honey lime garlic chicken creamy parmesan chicken and mushrooms and three cheese.

Stuffed chicken ingredients this chicken is packed with delicious italian ingredients veggies sun dried tomatoes spinach shallots and garlic cheese feta and parmesan herbs basil and oregano staples panko salt and olive oil how to stuff after you slice a pocket into the sides of the chicken breasts put frac34 cup of the veggie cheese mixture hellip.

Serving suggestions chicken tetrazzini is one of those easy dinner recipes that goes great with any green salad or garlic bread easy buttery beer bread recipe to serve with dinner also great to cube into bite sized pieces and use for dips this delicious spinach and bacon salad is a breeze to prepare the sweet dressing with the salty bacon keeps you hellip.

This italian sub sandwich is quick and easy to make with ingredients like cheese 3 meats and fresh vegetables all topped with a zesty italian dressing.

Crispy stuffed zucchini are so easy to make one of the best ways to enjoy zucchini crispy and crunchy this stuffed zucchini is the perfect side dish or snack fresh zucchini is topped with breadcrumbs parmesan garlic and herbs mixed with melted butter this is the perfect oven baked zucchini recipe to make.